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Boomer was our first slaughter rescue. Shortly, after rescuing Mystery I saw his ad on Facebook with his deadline. We got him minutes before he was set to be loaded to Mexico. Boomer had extremely bad feet & was very lame. We endured an 18 hour haul to get him & bring him home. Once home he was evaluated by the vet for lameness as well as a respiratory infection. He was coughing up huge balls of flem (worst I've seen to this day). Boomer's lameness was found to be caused by very thin soles and no heel on his hooves. He also has a turned right pastern. He is shod with pads, but is otherwise sound! Boomer was adopted by a wonderful family I give riding lessons to. He is so spoiled & lives with his pasture mate Studman! 

A donation may be made in honor of Boomer above.

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